Prantsuse vabatahtlikud Kiidil

Kiidil on järjekordselt vabatahtlikud, kes korrastavad matkaradasid, puhastavad vaateid Rõuge ürgorule võsast ja laovad puid riita, et talvel oleks mõnus neid kuurist võtta. 

Siin ka väike kokkuvõte Eestis kogetust, mille prantslased saatsid:



13 students from a French agricultural college, accompanied by a teacher and the headmistress, participated in  a rich experience in Kiidi Farm at Vöru in Estonia.

Via the association “Jeunesse et reconstruction” in Paris, young people have been put into relation with Aigar PIHO, the manager of the home structure.

On Sunday, 26th October, young people flew from the airport of Lyon to go to Tallinn, the Estonian capital city that they visited on Monday. Then, a bus routed to Vöru after 4 hour drive. Their host was waiting for them. A good meal waiting for them, before a good night of well deserved rest.

The 2 weeks were punctuated by preparations works before the winter : cleaning around the ski slopes, construction of a bridge and hiking trails, supply of wood for the houses.

In parallel, they were emerged into the local culture by many visits and meetings :

     Discovery of Tartu, the second Estonian’s city and top university place, its museum, the scientific center

     Discovery of many sites, such as the highest point at 318 m, the remains of the castle of Vastseliina

     The visit of an old silica mine was an opportunity to discover colorful landscapes such as the American canyons.

     Meeting with the school director in Vöru and visit of the vocation school

     The screening of a film about the independence of Estonia was the opportunity to understand the history of the country

     The meeting with Magrit and Ahti UTSAL in Vaska Turismitalu allowed them to measure the attention paid by the Estonian desire to develop tourism in this region of southern Estonia

     Discovery and use of sauna, very typical and widespread activity in the country.

These two weeks have been very rich in cultural and professional contribution to students who have returned to France with a head full of memories.

The quality of the welcome, the warmth of the people we meet have largely contributed to the success of this project.

Some students even had difficulties leaving Kiidi and theirs hosts. They wish to return to Estonia shortly in connection with an internship in order to discover other treasures.
We thank Aigar PIHO and the other people around him for the time spent with us and the very warm welcome they had reserved for us.

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