Privacy we like to offer you, is connected to the fact that we are harder to find than ususally. Because of that this website includes a map (cick to see a larger version) and a description how to reach us. In special occasions we can mark the way with the signs connected to your activity or event. From Võru town (South Estonia) to Kiidi the distance is 16 km, and the instruction goes like this: If you have crossed the railroad in Võru town in the end of Kreutzwald street, turn right to Rõuge (sign shows also Valga road). Drive the Võru - Valga road 5 kilometers, turn left towards Rõuge (big roadcrossing, sign "Rõuge 8") While driving Rõuge road, after bus stop Soe be patient, because soon will be road sign "Nursi 4,5" to right. There is also brown tourist information sign "Hinni kanjon 3 km." Turn right as the sign commands. After 800 m there is a sign "Kiidi 1 km" to the left. While driving... ....200 m on the forest road, it divides between Mäe-Kiidi and Ala-Kiidi. NB! If you do not know exactly where to go, we wait you at Ala-Kiidi! 

Kiidi küla Rõuge vald Võrumaa 66204 Estonia Tel: +372 50 56 293, +372 5622 2810 Mail:
Kiidi Turismitalu