Tourism farm Kiidi is situated in Rõuge Primeval Valley on the territory of Haanja Nature Park, Southern Estonia. The divert landscape of Rõuge Primeval Valley offers lots of joyful discoveries on the sides of a valley and at the lake Kahrila. The hiking trail from Rõuge Nightingale Valley to Hinni Canyon goes through the lands of the farm.

Kiidi is a vacation destination of various opportunities in Rõuge primeval valley between lakes Tõugjärv and Kahrila. There are two former agricultural farms: Ala - Kiidi (Lower Kiidi) and Mäe - Kiidi (Upper Kiidi) on the slope of the valley, distance between them is a few hundred meters so they can be considered together as a holiday village. The holiday village has become a popular place for seminars, companies' summer and winter recreational activities, parties. Farm offers the traditional Estonian food, local products are used for cooking.

 Our lamb cooked inside a hole in the ground has been recognized by lots of customers as a good example of food heritage.

We are also proud of our sauna culture, guests can use traditional black sauna, Estonian sauna or Finnish sauna.

 Kiidi is a cosy place for family vacations, resting place for hikers as well as for accommodation for bigger tourist groups.


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Kiidi küla Rõuge vald Võrumaa 66204 Estonia Tel: +372 50 56 293, +372 5622 2810 Mail: kiidi@kiidi.ee
Kiidi Turismitalu